Closed Until Mid-April 2023  
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Toledo's Best Farmers Market & more!

Keil's Produce and Greenhouse!

Keil's Produce and Greenhouse
Farmers Market

Closed For The Season until mid-April 2023
Keil's Beautiful Flower Baskets, Best Flower Baskets in the Toledo OH area.

We are four generation farmers, growing your favorite seasonal produce just outside Toledo, Ohio, in fact 8 miles west of Toledo Express Airport in Swanton, Ohio. We plant and grow a large variety fruits and vegetables, striving to provide your family with "field to your table" quality produce.

Corn-on-the-cob from Keil's Produce and Greenhouse
Keil's Produce and Greenhouse, large hanging flower baskets. Best flower baskets in Ohio.

Late April through mid June, our garden center greenhouses burst open with an amazing array of oversized, annual flower baskets, flower planters, vegetable plants and perennial flowers. Most of our vegetables are available by the quart, peck, half bushel and bushel upon availability.  

Butternut Squash available at Keil's Produce and Greenhouse in Swanton.

Garden Flowers

Extra large, wow flower baskets!
Giant annual mixed flower basket from Keil's Produce and Greenhouse in Swanton, Ohio

We're known for our oversized flower baskets at surprisingly low prices! Our greenhouses are filled with garden plants, perennials and flower baskets and planters, featuring an amazing variety of flowers and color combinations...

We're different

Local Fresh Summer Produce

Helping to build healthy Ohio families.
Summer corn-on-the-cob from Keil's Produce and Greenhouse in Swanton, Ohio

Whether it's our home grown corn-on-the-cob, red beets, garden tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, watermelon, cucumbers, jalapeño peppers, etc., our goal is to provide your family with fresh and nutritious summer produce...

Take a bite

Home grown Fall Produce

All Sizes of Pumpkins,
Large Mums, Fall Home Decorating and More!
Little girl with giant, prize winning pumpkin from Keil's Produce & Greenhouse in Swanton, Ohio

In the fall, we have a large selection of quality, oversized mums, in a variety of unique color combinations. We also have stylish fall home decorations and grow all your fall produce. This includes winter squash & pumpkins in every size imaginable!

Fall into more

Eat Fresh. Support Your Local Farmer

Your Toledo Area Produce Harvest!
A farmers hands filled with tomatoes from Keil's Produce & Greenhouse in Swanton, Ohio

In the fields before sunrise. Dirt under our nails. It's just another day at the office for our family. We work hard to provide the northwest Ohio area with fresh from the farm fruits & vegetables to feed our local families. Please support local farmers...

Get The Dirt

Fresh Field to Table

Fruits and Vegetables from Keil's

Fried green tomatoes available at Keil's Produce and Greenhouse in Swanton.
Our Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Enjoy our famous corn-on-the cob and all your favorite produce in season. Check out our "What's Growing" section below and on our social media on Facebook and Instagram! Our produce changes daily so make sure to stop in once or twice a week seasonally for a variety of fresh produce for your family.

Please support our local farm where we pride ourselves on what we grow to serve our local Toledo Ohio community families.
Fresh from our fields, corn on the cob from Keil's Produce and Greenhouse in Swanton, OH.
Oh yes, just a reminder, all sales are by debit, credit and cash. We no longer accept personal checks.

Buy Fresh Produce in Bulk

Perfect for canning & storing fresh vegetables for your family to enjoy anytime of the year!
Want to order a bushel of green beans, field tomatoes for canning, our sweet corn-on-the-cob, pickling cucumbers & more? You can! Just stop in or give us a call in season and we'll have everything ready for you. Keep in mind, produce is subject to season & availability.   
Cantaloupe from the fields at Keil's Produce and Greenhouse, near Toledo, OH.

Keils Kard

Grab Your Savings Card
This is formally our Frequent Flower card, but now it's good to use all year, including vegetables! New card, more chances to save! Pick up your Keils Kard and get it punched every time you visit! Fill your card and get 20% off your next purchase, one card per transaction.
Ask for your new Keils Kard upon checkout.
Discount saving coupon card for savings off summer and fall produce from Keil's Produce and Greenhouse in Swanton, OH.

Our customers Think We're Awesome, you will too!

"I cannot wait to come see you guys this week. I will be buying a hanging flower basket for my mother-in-law, my kids get me one, and of course I have to buy myself one, lol. They are huge, full and I would never go anywhere else since finding your place, fair prices for such big flower baskets, thank you!!"

"The nicest people, lovely plants and the biggest bang for your buck anywhere around. Can't wait to come back in May and buy a bazillion hanging plants! It's like heaven on earth!"

"Shout out to Keil's Greenhouse for making my porch look so beautiful #allmyneighborsarejealous"

"Absolutely no one has flower baskets like these at such low prices. Keil's Produce and Greenhouse is well worth the short drive to Swanton."

"My family and I bought 6 bushels of peaches and they were fantastic. We canned and froze them and of course made a some for cobbler. We got some helpful hints from the staff and it worked like a champ! Thanks again. We will def be back for more next year!

"Mums are fantastic and healthy! The set up at Keil's Produce and Greenhouse is crazy organized!!"

"Wanted to show you a full shot of the flowers I brought this spring, which doesn't do the flowers complete justice. They are spectacular!"

"Already looking forward to next years crop! Your prices are amazing, thank you!"

"Making a trip there this week we love, love, LOVE your beautiful flower arrangements, and your hanging planters they are so unique -- this will be our 4th year buying our hanging baskets at Keil's!!!"

"I have been driving to Keil's since 2009 because they have the best homegrown tomatoes. If you love to can them as we do, they have the best prices too. Call ahead and they will have your boxes of tomatoes ready the day you are coming. Great people too!

"They have the best corn and peppers, you won't go wrong stopping at Keils...oh and the peaches are so good!!!!!"

"Had first taste of your corn on the cob tonight and it was delicious!!!!"

What's growing?

Tomatoes homegrown from Keil's Produce and Greenhouse in Swanton, Ohio

Our farm fresh fruits & veggies

Once the soil warms, we'll begin planting our fields with all your favorite produce for summer. Our produce season usually begins after July 4th, and features our homegrown candy onions, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, pickles, corn on the cob and so much more!

Our fruits and veggies are subject to change without notice due to availability. Upon occasion, we do close during inclement weather.

Peaches available at Keil's Produce and Greenhouse.

All Time Favorite Produce

Watermelon, fresh produce from our Ohio Farmer's Market at Keil's Produce and Greenhouse, Swanton, OH.
  • Home Grown Sweet Corn
  • Tomatoes
  • Candy Onions
  • Watermelon